Friday, February 15, 2013

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is an actor, his full name is Christian Charles Philip Bale and he was born in Wales, January 30 1974. His mother Jenny is English. She is a circus performer. His father’s name is David Charles Howard Bale, is born in South Africa. He is a commercial pilot, talent manager and an entrepreneur. Christian Bale is English but he starred in many American films and gain success and fame. His many films gain commercial success.
Christian Bale plays a lead role in 1987s film Empire of the Sun, written by a famous writer Steven Spielberg, when he was only fourteen years old. His acting in that film was so good that it attracts peoples heard and mind. He was critically acclaimed on 2000 for his role in the film “American
Psycho” as a serial killer “Patrick Bateman”. In 2004 he acted in the film “The Machinist”, he reduced his weight to get perfect fitness for the role “Trevor Reznik” as a result the gained respect of a “method actor”. He starred in many Blockbuster heat film like “Batman” and “Batman Begins” as Bruce Wayne, The Dark knight, The Dark Knight Rises. 

Early life

Christian Bale passed his early life in UK, Portugal and the United States of America. His first step in the acting was in 1982 commercial “Lenor star”, fabric softener. In 1983 he acted in a commercial cereal “Pac-Man” as a child rock star. A year later (1984) he play a role in The Nerd, which was his first stage performance.
Personal life

Christian Bale married Sandra on 29th January 2000. Sandra is was a model make-up artist and worked as a Personal assistant to Winona Ryder. Christian Bale and Sandra's  daughter's name is Emmeline. Emmeline's birthday is 27th March 2005.

Christian Bale’s father David Bale married Gloria Steinem (stepmother) on 3rd September 2000 and they stayed together till David’s death. Like David, Christian Bale supports World-Wild-life-Fund and Greenpeace.


Christian Bale starts his film career in 1986 film Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (Television film). After that he starred in the film Mio in the Land of Faraway (miniseries) as Nick Pickard and Heart of the Country as Christopher. He owned his first award (National Board of Review) in 1987 for Best Juvenile Performance in the film “Empire of the Sun”. He has won Academy Award in 2011 for best Supporting Actor.
Christian Bale has owned 46 Awards and nominated for 25 awards till 2011. He owned one Golden Globes award for Best Supporting Actor the film The Fighter.

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