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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s full name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV. He was born in 3 June 1962 in Syracuse. He is a American film actor and producer. Cruise mother name is Mary Lee. She is a special education teacher. Cruise father’s name is Thomas Cruise Mapother III. He was a electrical engineer. He died 1984. Cruise has three sisters, they are Lee Anne, Marian and Cass. Cruise is of Irish, German and English ancestry. Cruise had Catholic upbringing.

Cruise’s spent some of is childhood in Canada.  In late1972 his family moved to the Ottawa suburb of
Beacon Hill. There his father took a position as a defense consultant with the Canadian Armed Forces. There Cruise was admitted to the just opened Robert Hopkins Public School in grade four and grade five. When Cruise was in grade four he first became involved in drama under the tutelage of George Steinburg. When Cruise was in the school he also enjoyed games like floor hockey. Cruise was admitted to Henry Munro Middle School for grade six. In the spring of that year Cruise’s mother left his father and took Cruise and his sister back to the US.

Relationships and personal life:

From 1983 to 1985 Cruise had a relationship with Rebecca De Mornay when she was a co-star of Risky Business. In May; 9, 1987 Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers. At that time Cruise was 24 and Mimi was 31. That marriage did not last long and they were divorced on February 4, 1990. In 1989 Cruise met Nicole Kidman on the set of their film Days of Thunder and they got married on December 24, 1990. They adopted two children, Isabella Jane who was born December 1992 and Connor Antony who was born January 1995. Cruise filed for divorce just before their 10th wedding anniversary. At that time Kidman was unknowingly pregnant and the pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. After divorce Kidman spoke on an interview, according to her, “He was huge, still is . To me , he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I still love him”. Cruise linked with Penelope Cruz afterward, who was his co-star in Vanilla Sky, that relationship also ended that year in April 27th. Cruise began dating with actress Katie Holmes in April 2005. On 2005, 6th October Cruise Holmes announced that they were expecting a child. Their child named Suri, was born in April 2006. This couple was married at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, on November 18, 2006. Their marriage lasted almost five and a half years. On 9th July, 2012, the couple signed a divorce settlement which was worked out by their lawyers.

Filmography: Cruise acted and directed many blockbuster movies. He also nominated for three Academy Awards and won three Golden Globe Awards. Cruise started his acting career when he was 19. His first film was released on 1981, film name was Taps. He first acted in the leading role in Risky Business which was released in August 1983. He became famous movie star after acting in Top Gun. It was released in the year 1986.

As actor: Year----Title-----Role

1981---Endless Love---Billy
1981---Taps---Cadet Captain David Shawn
1983---The Outsiders---Steve Randle
1983---Losin' It---Woody
1983---All the Right Moves---Stefen "Stef" Djordjevic
1983---Risky Business---Joel Goodson
1985---Legend---Jack O' The Green
1986---Top Gun---Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell
1986---The Color of Money---Vincent Lauria
1988---Cocktail---Brian Flanagan
1988---Rain Man---Charlie Babbitt
1989---Born on the Fourth of July---Ron Kovic
1990---Days of Thunder---Cole Trickle
1992---Far and Away---Joseph Donnelly
1992---A Few Good Men---Lt. Daniel Kaffee
1993---The Firm---Mitch McDeere
1994---Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles---Lestat de Lioncourt
1996---Mission:Impossible---Ethan Hunt
1996---Jerry Maguire---Jerry Maguire
1999---Eyes Wide Shut---Bill Harford
1999---Magnolia---Frank T.J. Mackey
2000---Mission:Impossible II---Ethan Hunt
2001---Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures---Narrator
2001---Vanilla Sky---David Aames
2002---Space Station 3D---Narrator
2002---Minority Report---John Anderton
2002---Austin Powers in Goldmember---Himself
2003---The Last Samurai---Nathan Algren
2005---War of the Worlds---Ray Ferrier
2006---Mission: Impossible III---Ethan Hunt
2007---Lions for Lambs---Senator Jasper Irving
2008---Valkyrie---Claus von Stauffenberg
2008---Tropic Thunder---Les Grossman
2010---Knight and Day---Roy Miller
2011---Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol---Ethan Hunt
2012---Rock of Ages---Stacee Jaxx
2012---Jack Reacher---Jack Reacher
2013---Oblivion---Jack Harper
2014---All You Need Is Kill---Lt. Col. Bill Cage

As producer: Year-----Title----Production role

1996---Mission Impossible---Producer
1998---Without Limits---Producer
2000---Mission: Impossible II---Producer
2001--The Others---Executive producer
2001---Vanilla Sky---Producer
2002---Narc---Executive producer+
2002---Hitting It Hard----Producer
2003---Shattered Glass---Executive producer
2003---The Last Samurai---Producer
2004---Suspect Zero---Producer
2005---Ask the Dust---Producer
2006---Mission: Impossible III---Producer
2011---Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol---Producer
2012---Jack Reacher---Producer

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